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Thermal Imaging Monocular

Lorex thermal monocular is a compact device that detects and displays heat signatures, enabling users to see in complete darkness and locate heat sources for various applications.


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Thermal Monocular

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 product
Portable Thermal Monocular Camera
Portable Thermal Monocular Camera ACH20-1B
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What is a thermal imaging monocular?

Lorex thermal imaging monocular is a handheld, compact device that uses infrared technology to detect and visualize heat signatures emitted by objects or living beings.

What are the primary applications of thermal monoculars?

Thermal monoculars are used for surveillance, search and rescue, hunting, wildlife observation, and outdoor activities. They're also valuable in law enforcement and security.

Can thermal monoculars see in complete darkness?

Yes, Lorex Thermal monoculars can see in total darkness since they rely on heat rather than visible light.

Can thermal monoculars record or capture images?

Yes, Lorex Monocular has built-in recording capabilities, allowing users to capture images or videos for later analysis or documentation.

Can thermal monoculars be used for wildlife observation and photography?

Yes, thermal monoculars are excellent for spotting wildlife, especially at night, and capturing thermal images or videos.

Do Lorex Thermal Monocular has any Monthly Subscription Fees?

No, there is no monthy subscription.