IK10 vandal proof security cameras
IK10 vandal proof security cameras


At Lorex we take your safety seriously. That's why we strive to provide state-of-the-art security camera systems to suit all our customer's unique needs, whether it's for a small business or family home. Color night vision, high quality HD resolution and built-in microphones are just some of the valuable features Lorex security cameras have to help keep your most precious assets safe. But a security camera is only useful if it is operational, which is why we're proud to carry a select line of vandal-proof cameras.

What is a vandal proof camera?

Simply put, a vandal-proof camera can endure violent impacts and is also hard to tamper with. Our vandal-proof cameras have exteriors made from high quality aluminum - the same type of aluminum that is used for manufacturing airplanes. These heavy-duty exteriors are designed to absorb the shock from high intensity impacts and minimize camera destruction. Even with forceful contact, the camera can continue functioning. They also provide extra protection against severe weather such as heavy rain, snow and extreme wind gusts.

What does a camera's IK rating mean?

To figure out how well a camera can withstand impacts, look for the camera's IK rating. IK stands for "Impact Protection Rating" and it's an international numeric classification system put forth by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The IEC regulates and publishes worldwide standards for all electrical and electronic related technology.

IK Ratings Chart

IK ratings go from IK00 (no protection) up to IK10 (maximum protection). Cameras with an IK10 rating can withstand up to 20 joules of impact, which means it's the equivalent of having 5kg of mass dropped from 40cm above the camera's surface

Perfect for "within-reach" installations

Security cameras with a low IK rating should be placed in hard to reach areas such as high ceilings or walls to avoid tampering or damage. But the reality is sometimes cameras need to be placed in more "accessible" locations to provide maximum protection and coverage. In these situations, it's best to use an IK10 rated camera so that your business or property are not compromised due to a damaged security system.

High Risk Locations

Areas that would greatly benefit from vandal-proof cameras include banks, businesses, warehouses, parking lots, even "reachable" house placements since they are all locations where theft or robbery are more likely to occur. Potential criminals are aware of security cameras and while that may act as a deterrent for some, others may try to disable the camera and render it useless. IK10 vandal-proof cameras are highly resistant to forceful impact (from objects such as hammers) and are very difficult and time consuming to be dismantled by hand.

Cable Pass Through Bracket

The base of most Lorex security cameras also come with a cable pass-through design. This design helps if it is not possible to drill a hole directly behind the camera to feed the cable through. Essentially, the pass-through is a cable sized notch in the base that allows the cable to exit while keeping the camera flush against the wall. The cable will be exposed at this point, however, so adding a cable conduit to protect the exposed cable will prevent any cable tampering. A junction box, in combination with conduit piping, can also be used to help protect any exposed cables.

Heavy-Duty Metal Exteriors

Though not technically IK10 vandal-proof rated, Lorex also offers a wide variety of highly vandal resistant metal security cameras as well. These cameras are housed in a fully metal exterior, which adds extra protection from violent impacts over typical polycarbonate or plastic security cameras.