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Lorex Smart Home Security Center

The Lorex Smart Home Security Center is a dedicated hub that’s designed to manage a personal smart-home security eco-system made up of various Lorex Smart Home Security Cameras and Add-on Sensors.

Lorex Smart Home Security Center

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Create Your Own Personal Security System

The Lorex Smart Home Security Center has been designed to be a straightforward central hub for all of your wireless home security cameras and sensors.  Easily connect and manage Wi-Fi Cameras, Wire-Free Security Cameras, Video Doorbells, and Floodlight Cameras, all from the easy-to-use 7” touch screen.

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Fits Right In To Your Lifestyle

The Lorex Smart Home Security Center will add convenience to both your security monitoring and your life - easily view or review camera feeds, talk through it to those on the other end of the camera, connect it to Amazon Alexa or Google Home to enable easy hands-free voice assistance, customize the background, stream music, and even check the weather.

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Privacy is our Priority

Local storage keeps your video data off the internet, facial and passcode unlocks ensure only those authorized can access your data, easy-to-use privacy toggles allows you to stop recording on all or some cameras, an offline voice assistant that never connects to the internet, and a mute switch and a physical camera cover add full privacy protection.

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Double Data Backup

Connected Wi-Fi cameras, including Security Doorbells and Floodlight Cameras, will record to both their on-board microSD card as well as to The Lorex Home Center’s storage, providing what may be critical evidence should a camera’s local storage be disabled.

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Not Home? Not a Problem

Connect the LSHSC to the Lorex App to access it anywhere you go. So even when you’re at the office or on vacation, you can always view how things are going at home and stay-in-the-know of any motion activity around your property.

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No Monthly Fees

There are no additional fees after the purchase of The Lorex Smart Home Security System or any compatible devices. Each one has it’s own local storage, keeping all data off of costly monthly cloud services.