8 Channel 2K Home Security System with 6 Weatherproof IP Cameras, 130FT Color Night Vision


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Protect your property with confidence by purchasing this complete 2K surveillance solution from Lorex. The web exclusive HDIP833W security system features our exclusive 4K-ready 8-channel NR900 network video recorder (NVR). It also comes with three 2K bullet and three dome network security cameras, with outstanding color night vision capabilities. The HDIP833W will leave nothing to question with detailed and crystal clear security video.





4K NVR can support up to 8 cameras



6 x 2K 4MP IP cameras



Maximum night vision with Color Night Vision



Maximum Capacity 2 x 8TB hard drives

2K security monitoring

2K resolution video clarity

4MP security cameras provide double the resolution of 1080p. This higher resolution will increase the level of detail and clarity to your security footage so you have a better chance to capture important evidence (such as facial features). 2K resolution also increases your ability to digitally zoom in on distant objects without drastically reducing image quality.

2K (4 megapixel) network security monitoring

A new level of detail and clarity

Give yourself the best chance to capture the details you need. 2K security cameras record in a much higher resolution compared to 1080p and will provide you with sharper video. This additional resolution is especially useful if you need to zoom in on distant objects when analyzing footage.

30 frames per second security recording

30 FPS recording

IP security systems such as this can handle recording at high frame rates. A high frame rate will deliver smooth on-screen movement during live-views and playback and can help you capture the best moments if you ever need to provide a snapshot for evidence. This is simply because there are more frames available to choose from. This system can record 2K footage at 20 frames per second (FPS) or record at a real-time 30 FPS in 1080p HD.

HDR security camera

HDR - High Dynamic Range

Lighting conditions are rarely the same throught the camera's entire field of view. Some sections might be too bright, while other sections might be too dark. Thankfully, your cameras use an HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature that takes the difference between these dark and light areas and automatically adjusts the brightness so no area is too over-exposed or too dark to see details. This results in optimized security video in all lighting conditions.

Digital Noise reduction security camera

DNR - Digital Noise Reduction

Noise is a common attribute of video in low-light settings. This is essentially the camera's image sensor artificially boosting light levels so it can pick up details and distinguish different colors and contrast. This is not a big problem for your security cameras, however. They come with a DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) feature that is used to filter out this noise from low-light settings, as well as any noise caused by motion. This provides you with a cleaner, more accurate image with better clarity, sharpness, and improved motion detection. It will also help reduce video file sizes as well, which will save you storage space on your NVR.

Color Night Vision

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