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2K Super HD IP NVR security camera system with sixteen 2K (5MP) IP dome cameras with audio and color night vision


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4K Ultra HD IP NVR security camera system with 2K (5MP) IP cameras, 130FT night vision

Trust in Lorex to protect the things that matter most. With our cutting-edge LNK7000 Series network video recorder (NVR) and 2K resolution IP Dome security cameras on your side, this bundle will do just that. Each camera included contains an advanced 5MP (megapixel) image sensor for 2K Super HD resolution security footage and uses our revolutionary color night vision feature to add an extra level of visual detail throughout the night.





4K NVR can support up to 16 cameras



16 dome 2K 5MP IP cameras



Maximum night vision with Color Night Vision



Maximum Capacity 2 × 6TB hard drives

Lorex Cirrus Remote Viewing App

Works With
Lorex Cirrus™ App

5mp dome security cameras

2K Super HD resolution

Lorex is proud to add this powerful 2K IP security camera to our extensive line of consumer security cameras. This camera contains a 5MP image sensor at its core, which means that it is capable of recording a 2K pixel resolution of 2592 × 1944 at 15 frames-per-second (FPS). This resolution will deliver extremely detailed images and allow for greater digital zooms so you can see further into the distance. This camera also uses industry leading H.265 compression, which will help reduce video sizes and save valuable hard drive space.

audio recording security cameras

Expand your security coverage with listen-in audio

A built-in microphone within this security camera allows for listen-in audio recording.* Audio monitoring can provide you with additional information (such as voices), which could prove to be invaluable should an intrusion or event occur on your property. Audio can also help you interpret events, even if the action takes place away from the camera's field of view.

*Please note, audio recording without consent is illegal in certain jurisdictions. Lorex Corporation assumes no liability for use of its products that does not conform with local laws.


Choosing the right security system

differences between Lorex MPX analog HD security systems and Lorex NVR security systems
MPX or IP? What security systems to choose? analog or digital?
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Long range color night vision

Trust Lorex to protect your property, even during the darkest hours of the night. Not only will this security camera allow you to clearly see up to 130ft / 40m away with the help of ambient lighting or up to 90ft / 27m away in total darkness, it will take your night vision security coverage one step further with our Color Night Vision™ (CNV) technology. This feature provides full-color video in low-light conditions that will add an extra level of visual detail that can help identify people or objects. It is important to note that CNV requires ambient light - the camera will typically switch to black and white infrared night vision if the area is too dark.

LKE353A Color Night Vision
easy HD IP camera installation with Power over Ethernet technology

Power-over-Ethernet installation

This professional grade security system does not require a professional technician for installation. This is thanks to Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology. Both your NVR and security cameras are equipped with PoE ports. So all that is required to connect them is a single ethernet cable. This cable not only provides the video transmission but also supplies power to the camera. So you can install your cameras where you need them most without the need to have a power outlet nearby.

Lorex Cirrus App

Stay connected with Lorex Cirrus

Monitor your property from wherever life takes you. This security camera system is designed for use with our innovative Lorex Cirrus app for most smartphones and tablets. Just download the app, scan the unique QR code on your NVR, and start viewing your entire system from virtually anywhere in the world. This app will not only keep you connected, it will make monitoring your property easier. Features such as easy-to-read event history timelines and custom mobile notifications for motion events are all available to you for free.

easy installation with BNC cables

Lorex web client available

Lorex Client 13 gives you access to your security system and its settings over the Internet using a PC or Mac computer. With this software, you will be able to view live and recorded video, as well as save manual recordings and snapshots to your computer's hard drive. The software is available under the downloads section below.

Works With

2K weatherproof security camera for year-round protection

All-weather security camera

This 5MP security camera is rated IP66 (weatherproof). This means that furious winds, torrential downpours and snowstorms are no match for this rugged security camera. It will even continue to operate in freezing climates as low as -22°F / -30°C. This allows you to place it where you need it most - indoors or outdoors. Its heavy duty housing is well equipped to withstand vandalism as well, providing additional protection for safe outdoor installation.



Heat Rating

140°F | 60°C

Heat Rating

Cold Rating

-22°F | -30°C

Cold Rating

Reliable security grade HDD pre-installed

Security grade hard drive

The massive security certified hard drive within the LNK7000 Series NVR is not your ordinary hard drive. It is engineered to be in the constant operation so you never miss a moment of footage. Your NVR can also be programmed to record at a lower resolution or only when movement is detected to extend your storage space.

Image resolution comparison

2K 4mp Comparison Chart
  2K HDIP HD 1080 Digital IP HD 720 Digital IP HD 1080 Analog BNC HD 720 Analog BNC
Recording 5mp (2592×1944) Full 1080p HD (1920×1080) 720p HD (1280×720) Analog 1080p HD (1920×1080) 720p HD (1280×720)
Platform 2K NVR systems 1080p HD NVR systems 720p HD NVR systems 1080p HD DVR systems 720p HD DVR systems
Video Digital IP / RJ45 connection Digital IP / RJ45 connection Digital IP / RJ45 connection Analog BNC / RG59 connection Analog BNC / RG59 connection
Power PoE (Power over Ethernet) PoE (Power over Ethernet) PoE (Power over Ethernet) Standard DC power Standard DC power
Installation Connect cameras to NVR or to router/LAN Connect cameras to NVR or to router/LAN Connect cameras to NVR or to router/LAN Cameras require wired connection to DVR Cameras require wired connection to DVR
Resolution 2K = 5 megapixels 1080p = 2 megapixels 720p = 1 megapixels 1080p = 2 megapixels 720p = 1 megapixels


What's Included?


16 channel, 4K ultra HD network video recorder:

  • Recording up to 8MP (Ultra HD 4K) on all channels - 4

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