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2K Security System with 8 Color Night Vision IP Cameras and Monitor


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Protect your property with confidence by purchasing a professional-grade security system designed for your home. The web exclusive HDIP1644MD security system features our 4K, 16-channel N861 network video recorder (NVR). It also comes with a total of eight 2K (5 megapixel) cameras - four bullets and four domes. Both of these cameras are fully weatherproof and include outstanding color night vision capabilities. This security system is made complete with a widescreen 24-inch energy star certified LED monitor. There’s room to grow your security system as your monitoring needs evolve. A total of 16 channels on the NVR allows you to accommodate up to eight additional IP cameras (including 4K resolution security cameras).





4K NVR can support up to 16 cameras



2K 5MP security cameras + 24" led monitor



Maximum night vision with Color Night Vision



Maximum Capacity 2 × 8TB hard drives

2K security monitoring

Get enhanced picture quality with 2K (5MP) resolution recording

Expect to see enhanced picture quality and more detail than ever before with this new 5MP security camera by Lorex. The camera's improved image sensor adds a heightened level of detail and clarity to your security footage when compared to 1080p Full HD.

HDR security camera

Capture the best images with HDR

These cameras use HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology to ensure every important detail is captured, regardless of the lighting conditions. HDR automatically adjusts the brightness in areas that are either too dark or too over-exposed to decipher details. The result is improved, highly detailed video footage that looks uniform throughout.


Night vision for around the clock monitoring

Trust in Lorex’s color night vision (CNV) technology to keep you and your property safe through the night. Both the E581CBB and E581CDB network security cameras will produce full color video, even in low-light conditions. This unique feature delivers an additional level of visual detail that may help identify people, or objects throughout the night. With night vision ranges up to 135ft in ambient lighting you can be confident that your IP cameras will be there for you when you need them most.

Plug-and-play simplicity with Power over Ethernet technology

PoE technology for simple plug-and-play installation

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology is an all-in-one solution that cuts cost and installation time. A single cable run between your NVR and IP camera provides both power and video transmission so you don't have to install your camera near a plug.

Lorex remote viewing

Remote viewing from your mobile with Lorex

This system is designed for use with our innovative, hassle-free Lorex™ app. With Lorex, you can quickly and easily view your security system remotely through your smartphone or tablet. You can also program the app to send you motion-activated push notifications and email alerts with screenshot attachments straight to your phone to keep you connected to your property at all times. Simply download the free app, scan the QR code on the DVR and your cameras will appear for you to monitor (or review footage).

Works With

works with Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone
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Apple iPad
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Android Tablet
works with AppleTV
Apple TV
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Apple TV
smart home security camera system google home

Smart home compatibility

Get faster access to your security system with hands-free voice control. This security camera system is compatible with Amazon Alexa™, Google Assistant™, as well as Apple TV* and Chromecast™. By using simple voice commands, you can activate camera features and access live or recorded footage directly on your smart TV, and more. For more information about current smart home integrations, visit our Smart Home Guide.

*Requires Gen 4 or newer Apple TV with support for APP Store

apple TV lorex

View your system through Apple TV

Watch your Lorex system in new ways. Don't have an option of hooking up your Lorex recorder directly to your TV? No problem. Simply make sure your Lorex recorder is on the same network as your Apple TV™(Gen 4 or newer) and watch your Lorex recorder on your TV through the Lorex Apple TV App.

Energy efficient 24 inch LED monitor

24-inch energy efficient LED monitor

A widescreen 24-inch LED monitor is included to round out this web exclusive security system. Easily connect your NVR to this energy efficient monitor with the included HDMI cable. Use this monitor to create a handy hub for accessing your security system locally.

Weatherproof & cold climate capable

Weatherproof & cold climate capable

Although this camera is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation, its IP67 weatherproof rating and aluminum casing means it can withstand pretty much anything, such as heavy snowfall, rain or wind. It has also been tested in temperatures as low as -4°F (-20°C) and as high as 122°F (50°C), ensuring year-round monitoring no matter where you live.



Heat Rating

122°F | 50°C

Heat Rating

Cold Rating

-4°F | -20°C

Cold Rating



Heat Rating

122°F | 50°C

Heat Rating

Cold Rating

-4°F | -20°C

Cold Rating

Metal Housing

Full Metal Camera Housings

A solid unibody metal housing keeps your IP security cameras protected from all kinds of weather and from violent impacts. Engineered from the same material that is used in construction of airplanes and cars, these Lorex cameras are strong enough to persevere for years.

4K vs 1080p pixels

Area search

Find what you are looking for quickly with Lorex's Area Search. Select an area of interest and automatically playback any video footage showing scene changes in that area. Ideal for doorways, drive ways, etc.

security certified NVR hard drive

Reliable security-grade hard drive preinstalled

A 3TB security grade hard drive (expandable up to 2 × 8TB) comes preinstalled within this NVR. Designed to meet the high workload demands of continuous security monitoring, this heavy-duty hard drive can reliably record weeks (even months) of footage without taking a break. All recorded footage is then safely stored on the hard drive where only you can access it, so there are no surprise fees or monthly cloud subscriptions.

zoom lens security camera

Two storage bays

This NVR comes with two separate hard drive bays. Each of which can be upgraded with a hard drive up to 8TB, giving you the potential for a total of 16TB's of storage space. You can also use the second hard drive to record videos in parallel with the primary hard drive. This way, the footage is automatically backed up if the recording hard drive fails

HEVC security camera system

HEVC compression

All security cameras in this bundle come equipped with HEVC (High Efficieny Video Coding) compression abilities. This means that after they capture the raw footage, they will encode it in H.265 compression and send the compressed files over the network to your NR900 Network Video Recorder. Your NVR, which has been built specifically to receive HEVC compressed video, will then process that footage and store it. In the end, HEVC will save you lots of storage space, allow you to record for longer periods, and let you watch the highest quality security footage while you are away from your home or business without using a large amount of data.

Image resolution comparison

2K 4mp Comparison Chart
  2K HDIP HD 1080 Digital IP HD 720 Digital IP HD 1080 Analog BNC HD 720 Analog BNC
Recording 4mp (2688

What's Included?


4K-Capable HD Network Video Recorder Features:

N861 dimensions
  • Reduce unnecessary alerts and false alarms with advanced motion detection6
  • Use Smart Search to filter motion events for reviewing footage quickly and easily
  • 2 bay hard drive with up to 2

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