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Lorex responds to stakeholder inquiries related to supply chain

November 8, 2023

Lorex is committed to compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in the U.S. and every other market in which we do business. Our company sources its products from a number of suppliers and is not solely dependent on any one company for the entirety of our supply chain. All Lorex products marketed in the U.S. are authorized by the FCC, as required by U.S. regulations. We adhere to relevant industry standards related to data security and privacy and have a well-established track record of working with the security community to address vulnerabilities through prompt, effective updates when needed. Lorex has voluntarily audited and has cooperated with independent third-party audits of our operations and supply chain, which have concluded that Lorex operates in compliance with relevant laws and international standards, including in regard to worker rights and human rights. Regarding NDAA compliance specifically, Lorex goes above and beyond regulatory requirements to clearly disclose to purchasers that if they are restricted by the NDAA they should not purchase from Lorex. This includes prominent disclosures on our own e-commerce website, labels on our product packaging and labeling applied by third-party distributors. Our products in the U.S. are intended solely for individual consumers and private sector business customers and we believe they offer significant value for that intended market. At a time of heightened demand for effective security and safety technologies, we believe U.S. consumers and businesses benefit from access to our market-leading products and we will continue to work with regulators, policymakers, distributors and other stakeholders to preserve their ability to choose from the widest possible range of options.

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