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Video surveillance system installers kit-Cables connectors-Power supplies


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Any installation is a breeze when you come prepared. Have everything ready for your job with Lorex's CCTV InstallerKit. This package comes with every essential part required for most security system setups. The complete kit includes security camera cables, dummy cameras, converter cables, connectors, adapters and power supplies.

Connect your cameras to any standard DVR, monitor or TV with a BNC or RCA input using security camera cables - BNC/RCA adapter included. The in-wall/floor-to-floor rated (riser-rated) BNC cables, which feature a fire-resistant jacket, meet both National Electrical Code (NEC) and Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) standards for CMR type cabling. The cables can be installed inside walls and even between floors (non-plenum areas only). Dual shielding protects the cables from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.


  • Universal cable suitable for surface mounting only.
  • These cables are not compatible with HD-SDI DVRs or IP NVR.
  • Please ensure you are familiar with and adhere to local building codes.

What's Included?

The installer kit includes

  • 2 x 60FT RG59 Video / Power Siamese cables with BNC ends and couplers, in-wall, fire rated
  • 4 x 120FT RG59 Video / Power Siamese cables with BNC ends and couplers, in-wall, fire rated
  • 2 x Power adapter accessory packs with 4 6-PIN DIN to BNC security adapters (model no. ACC1511)
  • 8 x BNC security couplers (model no. BNCC)
  • 8 x BNC (male) to RCA (female) video connectors (model no. BNCA)
  • 8 x RCA (male) to BNC (female) video connectors (model no. BNCB)
  • 5 x English security decals
  • 2 x Fake cameras (bullet)

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