Lorex Fusion 4K 16-Channel (Wired / Fusion Wi-Fi) Network Video Recorder

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Create a tailored security system by combining both wired and Fusion Wi-Fi security cameras with this 16-channel (16 wired or Fusion Wi-Fi) 4K Fusion Network Video Recorder (NVR). With support for all of the latest detection and deterrence camera features, you will always know what's happening around your property and stop potential events before they happen. The 3TB local storage also means ample private storage with no monthly fees.




16 × Wired or Fusion Wi-Fi



Supports 4K Ultra HD resolution



Expandable up to 2 × 8TB


See the Finest Detail

Record 4K video on every channel. 4K resolution provides the highest quality video and digital zooms, which gives you the best chance to decipher distant details.


Get alerts that matter

Smart Motion Detection Plus will deliver mobile push notifications to tell you exactly what kind of motion the camera has detected.

Person Detection Person Detection

Vehicle Detection Vehicle Detection

Face Detection Face Detection

Animal Detection Animal Detection

Package Detection Package Detection

*Detection types need to be supported by the camera.


Smart home compatibility

Get faster access to your security system by connecting it to other Smart Home devices; use simple voice commands to activate camera features with Amazon Alexa‚ĄĘ and Google Assistant‚ĄĘ, use it with Chromecast or Firestick to monitor your security camera footage on a larger screen, or download the Lorex Home app on your Apple TV* to view live video in single or multiple feeds. For more information about current smart home integrations, visit our Smart Home Guide.

*Requires Gen 4 or newer Apple TV with support for App Store

works with Google works with Alexa
Lorex Home App Screenshots

Remote viewing from your mobile with Lorex Home™

Connect this NVR to our Lorex Home app to quickly view and control your security system from your smartphone. The app will also keep you connected to your property with detailed motion-activated push notifications.

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play

Customize Your Security With Fusion

Create a personalized Lorex Smart Home ecosystem by pairing your system with up to 16 wired or Wi-Fi devices. This allows you to record continuous video from all Wired and Wi-Fi cameras to the NVRs hard drive. This can also provide invaluable back-up of events should a Wi-Fi camera's local storage become disabled.


All-In-One Security

Get the most out of your system by connecting wired and wireless cameras, doorbells, and sensors to your recorder.

Continuous Recording

24/7 continuous recording directly to your hard drive with expandable storage and no monthly fees.

Lorex Home App

Access all of your Lorex devices from one place, allowing for easy control and monitoring of your property.

Fusion Devices

New, User-Friendly Navigation

This NVR comes with our new and improved recorder interface. The updated navigation provides a faster setup, instant access to your live cameras, easier customization of your cameras, and a simpler method to review footage.

Learn More

Panic button

Stop events before they happen. An easy-to-use panic button located on the front of the recorder will activate all lights and sirens on your compatible Active Deterrence cameras.


Free Local Storage, No Monthly Fees

This NVR comes with two separate hard drive bays, each one of which can be upgraded with a hard drive up to 8TB, giving you the potential for a total of 16TB's of storage space.


Fusion Series NVR Comparison Chart

  N845 Series Lorex Fusion 4K 16-Channel NVR N843 Series Lorex Fusion 4K 8-Channel NVR N864 Series Lorex Fusion 4K 16-Channel NVR N863 Series Lorex Fusion 4K 8-Channel NVR
Channels (Wired / Wi-Fi Fusion) 16 Total (8 Wired and 8 Wi-Fi) 8 Total (up to two Wi-Fi) 16 Total (Wired and Wi-Fi) 16 Total (up to two Wi-Fi)
Resolution 4K @ 15fps 4K @ 15fps 4K @ 15fps 4K @ 15fps
Storage / Capacity 1 Bay / Up to 8TB 1 Bay / Up to 8TB 2 Bay / Up to 2 x 8TB 2 Bay / Up to 2 x 8TB
Video Compression H.265/H.264 H.265/H.264 H.265/H.264 H.265/H.264
PoE Output Max 25.5W for single port, 72W total Max 25.5W for single port, 72W total PoE: Max 25.5W for single port, 130W total PoE: Max 25.5W for single port, 130W total
Power Consumption Approx. 8.3W Approx. 8.3W Approx. 13.2W Approx. 13.2W
Smart Motion Detection Person / Vehicle / Face / Animal / Package Person / Vehicle / Face / Package Person / Vehicle / Face / Animal / Package Person / Vehicle / Face / Package
Special Features Active Deterrence / Panic Button / Smart Search Active Deterrence / Panic Button / Smart Search Active Deterrence / Panic Button / Smart Search Active Deterrence / Panic Button / Smart Search
Lorex Sensor Compatible Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Viewing Lorex Home™ Lorex Home™ Lorex Home™ Lorex Home™
Smart Home Amazon Alexa™, Google Assistant™ Amazon Alexa™, Google Assistant™ Amazon Alexa™, Google Assistant™ Amazon Alexa™, Google Assistant™
Streaming Options Chromecast™, Apple TV™, Amazon Echo Show™, Google Home Hub™ Chromecast™, Apple TV™, Amazon Echo Show™, Google Home Hub™ Chromecast™, Apple TV™, Amazon Echo Show™, Google Home Hub™, Lenovo Smart Display™ Chromecast™, Apple TV™, Amazon Echo Show™, Google Home Hub™, Lenovo Smart Display™
PC/Mac Remote Viewing Yes - Lorex Cloud Client Yes - Lorex Cloud Client Yes - Lorex Cloud Client Yes - Lorex Cloud Client

What's Included?

N864 Front Overview
N864 Back Overview
  1. Info / Panic Button
  2. Hard Drive, Network, Recorder & Power LEDs
  3. USB
  4. Power Button
  5. Power Input
  6. Power Switch
  7. PoE Ports
  8. Alarm
  9. HDMI
  10. VGA Port
  11. RS232
  12. LAN
  13. Audio In / Out

Package Contents:

4K Fusion NVR

Ethernet Cable

USB Mouse

HDMI Cable

Power Adapter

  • 4K (8MP) IP cameras are required to take advantage of 4K recording.
  • Recording time may vary based on recording resolution and quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
  • This Fusion NVR can connect to 16 wireless devices per system. The NVR must be connected to the your Wi-Fi Router via network cable. Wireless devices require an available channel on the NVR as well as a sufficient signal strength between the device(s) and your Wi-Fi router for video streaming. For full details on Wi-Fi cameras compatibility and instructions, visit www.lorex.com/pages/fusion
  • Controlling certain features in your security system requires a compatible smart device. Availability and performance of certain features and services are smart device dependent and may not be available in all areas or networks. For compatibility, features, and instructions visit www.lorex.com/smarthome
  • Accuracy of Smart Motion Detection will be influenced by multiple factors, such as the object‚Äôs distance from the camera, the size of the object, and the height and angle of the camera. Night vision will also impact the accuracy of detection. Compatible with certain Lorex IP cameras only.
  • Compatible with certain Lorex IP and select wireless cameras only. For a list of compatible cameras please visit www.lorex.com/compatibility
  • Accessing your security system remotely requires a high-speed Internet connection. Ensure your NVR has a wired connection to a router (not included). A minimum upload speed of 5Mbps is recommended for reasonable video performance. Up to 3 devices may connect to the system at the same time. For the latest list of supported apps and devices, please visit www.lorex.com/compatibility
  • HDMI output supports 4K HD for high definition multi-channel live or recorded video viewing. Image quality and resolution is dependent on the type of camera connected to the NVR, as well as TV/monitor resolution.
  • NVR has a total PoE power output of 130w. Different IP cameras have different wattage specifications. Please double check your camera specifications for power consumption (Wattage) requirements in order to not exceed the NVRs power output availability of the recorder when adding cameras. To learn more, please visit www.lorex.com/compatibility

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