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NVR Security Systems (IP Cameras)

Lorex Network Video Recorder (NVR) Security Systems offer professional 24/7 surveillance for homes and businesses through IP Security Cameras connected via PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) technology and provide the latest technology, the highest quality video, and the smartest features.

IP (NVR) Security Systems

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4K Security Systems

Professional 4K IP Systems

IP security systems feature 4K IP Security Cameras and a 4K Network Video Recorder. IP, or NVR Security Systems offer continuous 4K recording and the smartest features, providing the best security coverage for your home or business.

Power over ethernet technology


Thanks to Power-over-Ethernet technology, all that is needed to connect the 4K IP security camera to the 4K NVR is a single Ethernet cable. This cable provides power to the camera, a stable network connection, and transmits data from the IP Camera to the NVR.

Security NVR

32-Channels NVRs with Plenty of Storage

Lorex offers IP Security Systems with 8-channel, 16-channel, and 32-channel NVR options.  All NVRs include large security grade hard drives. Some NVRs also include two HDD storage bays to potentially double your maximum storage space.

Security System App

Stay Connected With Your Phone

Access your IP Security Camera System anywhere, customize and control security cameras, and know the moment any camera detects movement, all from a Lorex mobile app. IP Systems either use the Lorex Pro App (geared more towards professional security) or the Lorex App (designed more for smart home security).

Fusion Collection - Wi-Fi cameras and wired 4K cameras together on the same NVR

Wired and Wireless Security Camera Fusion

The Lorex Fusion Collection is a set of NVRs that can incorporate up to 2 Wi-Fi security cameras. This allows you to record Wi-Fi cameras, Video Doorbells, or Floodlight Security Cameras continuously while also providing a secondary back-up of all camera data.

Nocturnal security cameras

Nocturnal Security Systems

Lorex’s professional-grade line of Nocturnal Security Cameras are renowned for their real-time 30fps 4K recording, unbelievable Color Night Vision, Smart Motion Detection, and all-season durability thanks to their heavy-duty metal exteriors.