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Lorex Smart Home Monitoring Solutions

Protect what matters most with DIY smart home security that is easy, convenient, expandable, and most importantly, free of monthly fees!

Video Doorbells

Secure your front door - never miss a visitor again, answer the door from anywhere, and record every encounter. Choose a wired model for continuous power and recording* or a Battery-Operated model for total flexibility in installation. Also choose your resolution – 1080p, 2K, or 4K.

*Fusion Recorder Required

Floodlight Cameras

Replace your outdoor lighting fixture with a Floodlight Camera. Perfect for illuminating and monitoring large areas in front of entrances, garages and backyards.

Indoor Wi-Fi Cameras

Easy plug-and-play indoor security solutions that can be easily moved around the house. Keep your eye on a room with a fixed lens model or cover more ground with the pan-tilt option that can move its lens around the area.

Outdoor Wi-Fi Cameras

Conveniently place outdoor Wi-Fi cameras around your property for peace-of-mind and deterrence. A variety of models with different resolutions (1080p, 2K, 4K) are available, including Dual-Lens, Smart Security Lighting, Smart Deterrence, and 360° Pan-Tilt Cameras.


Add some easy video-free security. Start with a Sensor Hub and then add as many add-on sensors as you want to keep you in-the-know of any motion activity within your property or if a door/window has been opened.

Smart Home Accessories

Upgrade Smart Home products with a variety of accessories that will help you get the most out of your Wi-Fi Cameras, Doorbells, Battery-Cameras, and more!

All Your Security – All In One App

Lorex Smart Home products are controlled using the The Lorex app, which makes monitoring your house a breeze and keeps you connected no matter where life takes you.

Expand and customize your security with Lorex Fusion

Connect smart home devices to a Lorex Fusion Recorder to record them 24/7. Fusion Recorders can also accommodate other wired and Wi-Fi cameras to create and grow your security ecosystem that matches your property.

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Smart Home Security at its Best

Protect what matters most with a wide variety of smart home security solutions, including Indoor Wi-Fi Security Cameras, Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Cameras, Video Doorbells, Floodlight Cameras, and Security Sensors. These easy DIY solutions go beyond simple recording, offering features like remote viewing, intelligent motion detection alerts, deterrence features, two-way talk, and the best video quality on the market – all without the hassle of complicated installations or mandatory monthly fees.


The Lorex Fusion Collection

The Lorex Fusion Collection is a set of Smart Home Cameras, Security Recorders, and devices that all work together through the Lorex App. Use any number of Fusion Collection cameras as standalone products or connect them to a Fusion Recorder to also accommodate Wired Security Cameras and enable smart home Wi-Fi Cameras to be recorded continuously to its security-grade hard drive. Just starting out your Lorex smart home ecosystem? Shop our pre-configured Fusion Wireless Systems or Fusion Wired & Wi-Fi Systems.


All Your Smart Home Security, All in One Place

Control your entire Lorex smart home from anywhere using the Lorex app: view live video, review past footage, receive instant motion alerts, talk directly through the camera, deter intruders with lights and sirens, and easily set a camera’s privacy mode when needed.


Voice Activated Security: Lorex Meets Google & Alexa

Make home monitoring easier than ever. Connect Lorex smart home cameras and security recorders to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa smart home hubs for hands-free control.


Backup & Protect Your Recordings

Lorex is proud to introduce Cloud Storage to select smart home Security Cameras. This will protect your footage from being overwritten too quickly, damaged MicroSD Cards and physical camera thefts.


Build Your Perfect Smart Home Eco-System

Use the Lorex Solution Finder or Custom Bundle Builder tool to find and create a smart home security set-up with the cameras and accessories that fit your home’s security needs.