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Nocturnal Security Systems

Nocturnal Security Systems from Lorex use security cameras featuring 4K recording, Color Night Vision, Smart Motion Detection and heavy-duty metal exteriors.

Nocturnal Security Systems

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DIY Professional Security Camera Systems

Nocturnal Security Camera Systems include an NVR (Network Video Recorder) and Nocturnal IP Security Cameras.  Known for their outstanding 4K video quality and night vision performance, Nocturnal IP security cameras offer the best around-the-clock coverage.

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Smart Motion Detection

NVR Security Systems with Nocturnal Security Cameras can help limit motion notifications to only those moments that involve a person or a vehicle.

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Real-Time 4K Security

Security camera footage has never looked so good. Nocturnal Security Systems can record crystal-clear 4K resolution at 30fps (frames-per-second). With 30 frames recorded each second, the on-screen movement looks like you are witnessing events in real time.

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High Efficiency Video Coding

Nocturnal Systems use HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) - a new encoding technology that drastically reduces files sizes without compromising video quality. This allows you to store more 4K footage on the NVRs hard drive and offers improved network performance for remote viewing.

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See Colors in the Dark

Nocturnal Systems include surveillance cameras that will continue to record true-to-life colors throughout the night, provided there is some ambient lighting around the camera. If not, don’t worry, Nocturnal Cameras come with the best black and white infrared night vision available.

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The Best Weatherproof Security Cameras

Nocturnal Systems are designed for professional security for homes, businesses, offices, or commercial properties. Nocturnal cameras feature the highest weatherproof ratings available and are built to endure both blistering hot and freezing cold temperatures for years and years.