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Smart Locks

Elevate Your Security with Smart Locks! Effortless Access Control, Remote Locking, and Peace of Mind.

Say Goodbye to Keys – Say Hello to Smart Security!

Smart Locks

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Are smart locks secure?

Lorex Smart lock uses 2-Layer Encryption, so you can rest easy knowing you are in control. With an all-metal exterior and a Grade 2 BHMA rating & cUL Certified, this lock is built to withstand harsh temperatures, impact and daily wear and tear.

Can I grant access to others?

Yes, you can provide temporary or recurring access codes upto 200 Unique entry codes and also, there are three different levels of control and you can have up to 10 users per device.

What if my phone's battery dies or I lose it?

You can still use the physical key or Touchpad in order to open the door.

Do smart locks require a monthly subscription?

No Monthly subscription required