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Handheld Thermal Temperature Monitoring Camera


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Handheld Thermal Temperature Monitoring Camera

Extremely versatile and easy-to-use, the Handheld Thermal Temperature Screening Camera is great for on-the-go public use. It promotes non-contact and rapid temperature measurement of individuals and will alert you to any temperature anomalies.

Thermal reading

Calibrated for humans

Thermal energy is essentially the amount of heat radiating off of an object. Everything creates this type of energy, which is how thermal cameras construct images. This handheld thermal monitoring camera though, has been specifically calibrated to detect abnormalities in human temperature, making the screening process faster with greater accuracy.

How does it work?


Simply point the Handheld Thermal Screening Camera towards the forehead of an individual to view their temperature readings in seconds.


Press once to get a temperature readout on the built-in LCD display. Press the trigger twice to capture images or three times to start recording.*

*Saving data requires a microSD card (not included).


If an abnormal temperature is detected, the handheld thermal screening camera can be programmed to notify you with a built-in buzzer.

Thermal reading

Non-contact temperature measurement

This thermal camera displays temperature measurements on a high-resolution LCD screen. Inside, it uses an extremely accurate VOx sensor that detects temperature measurement within

What's Included?


Handheld Thermal Temperature Monitoring Camera

LTH02 dimensions
LTH02 top dimensions
  • Non-Contact Temperature Monitoring
  • Thermal Sensor
  • Accurate Temperature Measurement (

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