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Lorex has been a leader in the DIY security industry for over 30 years thanks to constant innovation and ingenuity. That means we’ve always got new and exciting products coming to help our customers protect what matters most.

What's Next For Lorex

  • 2K wired floodlight security camera above garage

    Light up your property by replacing your old outdoor lighting fixture with our new 2K Wired Floodlight Security Camera. With motion-activated dual LED floodlights and a warning siren that can be activated right from the Lorex Home app, this camera is the perfect solution to deter unwanted visitors.

  • 2K wirefree video doorbell

    Our best-in-class 2K video doorbell without the wires! This battery-operated video doorbell offers easy and flexible installation, especially for doors that have no existing doorbell wiring or for a doorbell facing an impractical direction. A new plug-in chime box with 3 volume settings and 10 different chime sounds is also on the way for all of our 2K video doorbell options.

  • 4K wirefree camera

    Lose the cables, not the coverage with Lorex 4K wire-free security system. Indoor or outdoor - install the camera almost anywhere thanks to the battery-operated wireless connection and weatherproof rated housing.

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