What's New

Lorex Home 4.12

1. Support for new devices

2. Bug fixes and user experience improvements

Lorex Home 4.10

1. Thumbnail Opt-in/Opt-out

You can now opt in or out of thumbnail storage during device onboarding or from your device notification settings.

2. Product Support

You can now access product support directly from the app settings.

3. App Improvements

Various user experience improvements

Lorex Home 4.9.8

1. Enhancements to Smart Security Lighting

You can now choose from popular colors when configuring Smart Security Lighting for quicker color selection

Lorex Home 4.9.6

1. Two-Factor Authentication

You can now use Google Authenticator as a new method to secure your account using two-step verification. (Android only)

2. Display Battery Percentage on Home Screen

Users with battery-powered devices can now view the battery status from the app home screen.

3. Onboarding Updates

Improvements to device setup process.

4. Snooze Alerts Improvements

You can now choose from 3 additional snooze options to temporarily disable alerts from your device.

Lorex Home 4.9.5

1. Add Shared Users to View Your Devices

You can share your cameras with friends or family to give them access to live view, recordings, and more!

To add a shared user, go to your devices's settings, and tap the 'Shared User' link.

2. Rearrange Devices

You can now rearrange the order that your devices appear on your home screen. Simply navigate to Settings > Rearrange Devices, and drag and drop your devices in the order that you want them to appear.