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Lorex 2K Floodlight Wi-Fi Camera with 4K Spotlight Wi-Fi 6 Security Camera - Costco


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Boost your home security with The Lorex 2K Floodlight and 4K Spotlight Wi-Fi 6 Security Camera. This powerful duo combines exceptional clarity with deterrence features designed to stop crime before it happens.


2.4/5GHz Wi-Fi

32GB Local

Smart Motion

Color Night


Works with
Lorex App

W881AAD 4K Wi-Fi 6 Smart Security Lighting Camera

This is no ordinary camera

Get the best view of your property around-the-clock with stunning 4K clarity and vivid Color Night Vision.

At the core of this camera is an 8MP image sensor, for exceptionally sharp 4K video, realistic color representation. The 140° field-of-view also allows your camera to monitor a broader area so you see more and detect motion earlier.

Experience the smoothest and clearest 4K resolution live viewing and playback without impacting your overall network performance.

Reduce unwanted alerts and only get notifications you care about with key motion detection modes at no extra cost.

The customizable smart LED light band comes with 16.7 million color options to choose from. Colors can be assigned to pre-set camera modes, such as a "Welcome" or "Panic" mode.

Get an added layer of security with the motion-activated LED warning lights and remote-triggered siren to deter uninvited visitors.

Enjoy robust security year-round with the camera's IP65 weather-resistant rating. With durable housing, the camera can withstand a range of conditions, from rain and windy weather to hot and humid temperatures.

Shine bright like a floodlight

Brighten your security with the Lorex 2K Wired Floodlight. Customize your floodlight to your liking with adjustable LEDs where you can control the brightness, temperature and activation modes.

Set your lights to the perfect level with 2400 lumens, and adjust between warm or cool temperatures. You can also choose from 4 Light Modes: Motion, Camera, Manual, and Scheduled. Adjust the position of the LED panels to fit different types of installations.

Hear and speak to anyone on your property using 2-Way Talk through the Lorex app. If you're busy, use Quick Response to speak for you.

Reduce unwanted alerts and only get notifications you care about with key motion detection modes at no extra cost.

This Floodlight can automatically track, follow and zoom in on a person or vehicle as they move across your property - hands free! (only available in live view)

Enjoy robust security year-round with the floodlight's IP65 weather-resistant rating. With the durable housing, the floodlight can withstand rain, wind, snow and humid temperatures.


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