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Did you know? Last year:

there were over


car thefts1



a car was stolen2

more than


of cars remain unrecovered3

For over 30 years, Lorex has helped reduce crime. Now, we're excited to introduce Smart Security LightingTM (SSL), designed to proactively deter crime before it happens.

Why SSL (Smart Security LightingTM)?

Unlike traditional hard-to-spot security cameras, Lorex's customizable SSL is visible 24/7, ensuring your cameras are noticed day and night.

Products with SSL Feature (Smart Security LightingTM)?

Wi-Fi Cameras

Video Doorbells

PoE IP Cameras

PoE IP Systems

Additional Deterrence Features to Stop Crime:

Customizable deterrence features to keep criminals at bay if they approach your property.

Bright Spotlight

Instant Security: Bright LED Spotlight Activates on Intruder Detection.

Warning Siren

Scare Intruders Away with a Powerful Siren.

2-Way Talk

Speak Directly to Intruders: Real-Time Communication via Lorex App and Camera.

Quick Response

Prevent Intrusions Instantly: Play Pre-Set or Personalized Message through your Camera with One Tap.

Lorex Guarantee Program: Protect Your Car and Your Wallet

With car theft on the rise, Lorex is here to help. For a limited time, we're offering $100 if our system fails to prevent a theft. Don't miss out on this peace of mind — see program details for more information.


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