Backup & Protect Your Recordings

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Backup and Protect Your Footage

Keep Your Recording Safe in the Cloud

Get the protection your footage needs

Unlock the full potential of your security camera with Lorex Cloud Storage. Protect your recordings from:

Footage overwritten too quickly

Broken or damaged SD cards

Physical camera theft

Lost access to recordings when device is offline

Get uninterrupted access up to 30 days of recordings anytime, anywhere – even when your device is offline. Safeguard your home with the peace of mind knowing that you won’t miss a moment and that your recordings are backed up.

Lorex Cloud Storage Plans for 2K Spotlight Wi-Fi Cameras

Each add-on plan provides additional storage to back up 30 days worth of motion event footage in addition to your local storage, so you can relax knowing you have what you need to keep your home protected.




for 1 camera




for unlimited cameras in one location

Only available for 2K Spotlight Wi-Fi Cameras. This add-on service does not take away your local storage. Per our policy, Cloud Storage promotions are only available once per account.

The Benefits You Get

Your Local Storage

Cloud Add-On
(Enjoy all of the benefits of local storage, plus:)

Recording Location

SD card only

SD card & cloud storage

Access Footage When Camera is Offline

View Thumbnails on Timeline

Up to 30 days worth

Rich Notifications

120 thumbnails per camera per day

Unlimited thumbnails

2K Recording Resolution

Shared Users

Shared user has access to cloud recording

How does this affect my current storage?

Lorex Cloud Storage is an add-on plan that helps supplement your current local storage. No changes will be made to your current in-camera setup. When you sign up for Lorex Cloud Storage, your camera will record to both your SD card and the Cloud simultaneously.

How can I access my Cloud Recordings?

You can access your cloud recordings using the Lorex app.

What happens if my internet goes down?

Your camera will continue to record to the SD card but not the cloud. Any recordings that are on the SD card will be inaccessible if the device is not connected to the Internet. Events that are recorded while your internet was down will remain on SD card.

However, these events will NOT be backed up to the cloud when internet connection is restored.

What happens if my device loses power or is stolen?

Any recordings that are on the SD card will be inaccessible if the device is offline or stolen, but your recordings that were stored on the cloud will still be accessible.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, please click here to review our subscription policy.

What happens if my SD card is corrupted or missing?

All new events will be recorded to the cloud.

Any previous recordings that were stored on the SD card will be inaccessible, but your recordings that were stored on the cloud will still be accessible.

What happens when my SD card is full?

All new events will be recorded to the cloud automatically, but any new events recorded to the SD card will overwrite the oldest recordings stored in the camera.